Get Some: Seven Best Places to Hook Up in S.F.

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1. Blackbird

Neighborhood bars are great because the bartenders can introduce you to the neighbor on the stool next to you. Plus in the back of the Blackbird, there is a photo booth for a little privacy. A neighborhood bar with a fun, friendly, flirty photo booth in the back: Say cheese. 2124 Market.

Photo via Yelp by Nelson T.

 2. The Cigar Bar

Is Bill Clinton still president? Clinton agrees, cigars are great pick-up props. But remember, don't inhale. 850 Montgomery.
Via Yelp by Stacey D.

3. The St. Regis Hotel

An insider from the Mrs Robinson Society  suggested the bar at the regal St. Regis. The best part about this adventure in hooking up is pretending you're an out-of-towner. Better yet, pick up someone visiting from out of town. Hopefully your weary corporate traveler will use their company credit card to get right down to "business." 125 Third Street.

st regis.jpg
Via Yelp by Javier O.

4. The Make-Out Room.

It's called The Make-Out Room. 3225 22nd Street.

Via Yelp by Peter V.

5. Any bar in the Marina.

The Marina was meant for bar crawling and wandering hands. Remember 1 in 4 people have herpes, and that statistic applies to people sporting Polo shirts and designer jeans too.

Via Yelp by Toro E.

6. Le Colonial

You may have been too drunk to remember what really happened on the dance floor between sweaty hip hop songs, but we saw it all -- and it was you hooking up. Work the entire room first - this is a place you want to scope before you grope. 20 Cosmo.

le colonial.jpg
Via Flickr by Jeremy Brooks

7. The EndUp

Bars are closed, but you still have some "dance" left in you - do the techno tongue tango at The EndUp. The EndUp succeeds where booty texts fail. San Francisco bars may close at 2 am, but luckily for you and your libido the house music plays all night long at The EndUp. 401 Sixth Street.

Via Yelp

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