Founder Dating: It's Not What You Think

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Despite first impressions when you hear the name, FounderDating is not an event meant to find a start-up entrepreneur their true love or even hook them up with one of the many many women in the 415 with a founder fetish. Rather, the service was set up to help entrepreneurs go from sole proprietor to soul-mate, and help someone with an idea find the perfect co-founder to build their business. 

The goal of FounderDating is to match entrepreneurs with different backgrounds and skill sets, perhaps introducing a genius coder with a marketing specialist, or a Dustin Hoffman with a Tom Cruise. FounderDating was started by Jessica Alter and Saar Gur, because they came to the conclusion that the hardest part of taking a risk, is finding that first person to take a leap of faith with you.


Finding your co-founder is like finding a life-partner, only you'll probably spend more time with your co-founder and during that time you both will be trying to build a giant company worth lots of money. 


You may become rich together, but for a long time you are going to be eating burritos and top ramen. Someday, maybe, you will rent a desk in a co-working facility, but for now you'll work out of a coffee shop. Let's be honest, ideally one of you worked at Google in 2005 and doesn't have to worry about money again. Let's be more honest, one of your parents is giving you the first round of angel investment so someone will also be inheriting in-laws. 

Just like in real dating, there are rules. FounderDating is not meant for people that are already married to their real job and just looking to flirt with a new start-up idea. You've got to be willing to take a dive within one month. 


According to Alter, the response for FounderDating has been "overwhelming" since their launch in August and they plan to launch in Seattle next and mores cities through out the year.

To apply for next week's January 28th San Francisco event, click on to before January 25th and get ready to meet your (business) match .

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