Gone Clubbin': The Saturday Night Report w/ Go Bang!, Icee Hot

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icee small.jpg
Icee Hot's Low Limit; Photo by Ken Taylor

Last weekend held plenty of opportunities for those looking to destroy their bodies with loud music and alcoholic behavior in the clubs.

I spent Saturday evening in the Tenderloin, where my two favorite genres of club music--disco and house--were on deck at parties located only a block away from one another. Go Bang! had its regular monthly night at Deco Lounge and the new Icee Hot jumped off at the recently-renovated 222 Hyde.

I rushed over to Deco first, trying to beat the 10 p.m. cut-off for free entry at Go Bang! Sitting quietly in the bar's dark corners, I waited for friends--and the party--to show up. The early crowd, consisting primarily of older gay men, milled about as resident DJ Sergio spun choice 70's and 80's disco cuts, and warped visuals were projected from flat screen TVs above the bar.

I love disco, but I prefer some incarnations more than others. Go Bang! leaned more towards overbearing divas and orchestral flourishes in its track selections--which is fun for a while, but not all night. By the time I left Deco, attendance had grown, the dancefloor continued to fill and empty in waves, and the music remained consistently classic.

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