10 Things To Do This Weekend For Under $10

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Ghosts on Tape DJs at new UK-centric monthly Icee Hot
It's raining. We know what that means: you want nothing more than to stay home and watch bad comedies like that terrible Mike Judge movie about a vanilla extract factory. Listen to us when we say, don't do it. Get out of the house so it'll make your time sitting on your ass complaining about the weather that much more special.

Below, 10 reasons to run around San Francisco that won't run down your wallet.

Panama! 3 release party @ Elbo Room (Fri.) DJ Beto doesn't "scour the crates" by hitting Craigslist garage sales. He goes to bodegas in Panama and Columbia, flipping through nasty old bug-filled piles of vinyl to save recordings that might otherwise be lost forever. His previous Soundways comps for Panama! and Panama! 2 collected vintage Latin funk, calypso, and cumbia from the '60s and '70s. The third installation in the series spotlights "bilingual calypsos, guajira jazz, tropical guarachas, and cumbia tamboreras"--in other words, unique styles guaranteed to crank the heat. Beto spins tonight with Vinnie Esparaza and Guillermo at Elbo Room (10 p.m., $5)

The Hi-Nobles @ Pissed Off Pete's (Fri.) "The Hi-Nobles released its debut album, Shake, last fall, but these guys have been around the block a few times with bands like Mordred and The Avengers. The group employed the old/new dichotomy at its inception, using Craigslist to find singer Scott Holderby (who responded to an ad that stated, 'Looking for a singer. Needs to be kind of a prick, but not a total asshole.') and then playing a Sonics song at its first rehearsal. Not surprisingly, The Hi-Nobles have a thing for garage rock. They're also quite a force onstage, where they play with equal parts grizzled confidence and youthful abandon. The curious can see for themselves at Pissed Off Pete's in the Excelsior." (9 p.m., cheap) Marc Hawthorne

Dead Meat, Grass Widow @ Thee Parkside (Fri). The kids love their Pissed Jeans, but Miami-to-S.F.-newcomers Dead Meat are an excellent way to hear some local Am-Rep-ing noise rock. Gotta love the singer's hateful howl, the way the guitars slide like suicide blades across the ear holes, and beats that throw you into a high-volume pummel. Dead Meat plays tonight with Grass Widow, a postpunk trio taking influence from 80s legends Kleenex and the Raincoats. Already that's a killer bill taking over Thee Parkside, with two opening acts kicking things off starting at 9 p.m. ($7)

Ecotones @ lowerdeck  (Fri. and Sat.) Ecotones is a multi-media/immersive-environment arty party at the lowerdeck gallery, one that brings together folks from the writing, painting, music, and film worlds to present their ideas about "home." (Also among the evening's attractions, "unique beverages" on the theme and a restroom installation of stuffed animals). Scribes from McSweeney's and The Believer bring some name recognition to the event, as does live music from NewVillager, an upbeat, Animal Colletive-y duo.  Things kick off at 8 p.m. both nights and go "until they end." From the look of things, this party is free.

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