Top 10 Onstage Gaffes of 2009

We'll admit there's more than a little schadenfreude going on in this list of the best onstage gaffes of 2009. But why else would Al Gore have invented YouTube if not to feed our obsessive need to see celebrities get taken down a peg? Here with, our favorite of the year's music-related missteps, caught on tape.

Tony set punishes Brett Michaels for Rock of Love via decapitation

Why Poison was performing at the Tonys in the first place is still a mystery to me, but the band's performance wound up bringing more heat to the show than if Neil Patrick Harris had tongued Liza Minnelli, thanks to a falling set piece that wound up knocking Michaels down, leaving him with a broken nose and a split lip.

Steven Tyler still livin' on--and fallin' off--the edge

At a show in South Dakota, AP video captures Aerosmith's Steven Tyler having a seizure playing DDR hopscotching dancing, before an ill-conceived spin move sends him careening off the stage.

"Im'ma let you finish"

Im'ma let Kanye dig his own grave (fast forward to :44).

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