Tech Scene Rickroll: Then the Internet Ate Itself, and Exploded.

We've been discussing the emergence of a new species of meta-nerd here at; as this Paste Magazine infographic demonstrates, being cool in late 2009 means donning your "Three Memes One Shirt" shirt to work, interrupting your co-workers with "Im'ma let you finish ...," and/or buying your family Christmas ornaments replete with ironic Twitter #hashtags, all signifiers that you too have heard about the Internet and you are down with it.

Perhaps a tipping point of this pop cultural thrust towards Meta-meta or "Super-sonic Meta" nerdiness happened this Friday at an all-technology "#web2hos vs #web2bros" Karaoke event in San Francisco, where key members of the online press and S.F. tech scene including Techcrunch bloggers MG Siegler and Jason Kincaid, Pandora CTO Tom Conrad, CNET reporter Carolyn McCarthy, Former Imeemer Steve Jang, MTV's Maya Baratz, Insidefacebook's Eric Eldon, Microsoft's Jacob Mullins and ourselves got Rickrolled by the song line-up. Video evidence below.

You can follow more of our nerdventures at @alexiatsotsis and @sfweekly.
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