Quit the Internet and Dance: Six Things We'd Like to See Leave the Web in 2010

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Or at least go watch "Law and Order."

6. The Reign of the Standard Blog Post Format

We know it's been that way since links.net. But enough or at least less of the big picture/text below monotony. We're the people that invented The Segway and the Wii, surely we can figure out how to deal with image/text wrap.

5. Random Number Diggbait Lists

Okay "11 People Who Can Drive Traffic to Our Website" and "22 Ways In Which It's A Slow News Day," we know you picked a random number because 10 and 20 were so played out. Well now you've played out ALL the numbers. And while we're on the subject, what is up with the influx of Sexy Geek lists? Yes we know you'd secretly like to be nominated (so would we). But seriously, there are some really unsexy geeks, that was the point of being a geek in the first place -- Dave Winer may not look that hot in a bikini but RSS turned out to be pretty cool.

4. Non-celebrities

If only because now it's even more difficult to remember who's famous and who isn't. In the olden days, in order to achieve recognition you had to actually accomplish something more strenuous than putting together a 140 character long sentence. Now, not so much.

3. The Signal to Noise Ratio of Google Leaks.

Everybody made such a huge fuss about Google Wave, and now the thing's a ghost town. And to quell the current Google phone hysteria, nothing's ever going to beat the iPhone, despite the miserable failure that is AT&T, despite the fact that the Nexus is effing beautiful, EVER.

2. Fuzzy Math Rules About Online Photo-Sharing

Damn if these aren't confusing. With all the "via" and "by" and "courtesy of" missteps we all encounter on a daily basis, perhaps someone with more time on their hands than Creative Commons Founder Lawrence Lessig should come up with a standard solution to content stealing, eh hem, sharing.

1. YOU

Remember Y2K where everybody thought computers would die and the world would collapse on itself? Pretend it's then and leave your Facebook to fend for itself every once in awhile. That's right, you heard us, quit the Internet, and dance.

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