Dork the Halls: Nerdy Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Every year growing up, my brother and I got to pick out an ornament and add it to a growing collection. Unpacking and hanging up the previous year's ornaments was as much a treat as purchasing new ones, until Martha Stewart showed up and ruined everything. Homely trees covered in a hodge-podge of mismatched baubles? OUT. Theme trees covered in nothing but angels/snowflakes/deer/glass orbs? IN. I haven't seen my model clay Christmas T-Rex since I left for college.

Luckily, not all themes veer on the side of treacle. Take the Nerd Tree decorated by the kids over at Wonderland. They've got an enviable selection of nerd ornaments. (Um, Serenity from Firefly? Amazing. Now where's my Jayne ornament?) And it got us thinking: What other geeky ornaments can we round up for the holidays?

1. Star Trek, the Next Generation

jean luc.jpg

I can hear the hordes gathering and lighting their torches as I type. But I'm just going to say it. TNG all the way. Much respect to the original series, but I grew up with the shrewd, bald command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Not to mention Number One's bitchin' beard. Christmas is about to boldly go where no Christmas has gone before.

2. The Flying Spaghetti Monster

flying spaghetti monster.jpg
What better way to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ than with a fake deity dreamed up by geeks to mock the Kansas State Board of Education for requiring schools to teach intelligent design?

3. Your Twitter Name
twitter ornament.jpg
This enterprising craftster will put your twitter name (or favorite hashtag!) on an ornament. Because you should never let your family forget that you'd rather be online.

4. Circuit Board Ornaments
circuit board.jpg

Even if you don't find a new computer under the tree, you can still have pieces of one hanging from it.

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