Five Sexual Partners? You've Blown Your Chance With Matthew Morrison

Elle Magazine interviewed Matthew Morrison, who plays the adorable singing school teacher in popular Fox show, Glee, in the latest issue and the resulting interview was less than awesome. In addition to asking the actor is he ever does anything to "suppress" his "gayest traits" (like singing and dancing) to seem more straight, Elle busts out this tiresome question, "Imagine you had the ability to see the number of a woman's sexual partners on her forehead. What's the highest number you could see and still take her seriously?" While the presence of a sexist question in a ladymag interview isn't surprising, Morrison's answer is: " I want a really classy kind of woman, so the number's going to be low. Four, I think."

Even the interviewer who lobbed out the annoying question was taken aback, responding"Four? I'm racking my brain to think of a place where you'd even be able to find adult women with numbers that low."

The interviewer fails to ask Morrison how many people he's slept with, but that's not especially unusual because society's obsession with The Magic Number applies primarily to women, operating under the assumption that the number of sexual partners a woman has had informs the quality of her person. One has to wonder what pool Morrison is drawing from,
however. Assuming he's pursuing mostly American women (Glee is filmed in Los Angeles and Morrison hails from Fort Ord near Monterey, California) the pool of single women he can draw from and still take "seriously" is not enormous. A study from the Centers of Disease Control (PDF) puts the average number of sexual partners for an American female at around four, a Guttmacher Institute study states that 21.9% of single women between 22-40 have had two or more sexual partners in the past year and a Durex study puts lifetime partners at nine. Countries in Europe often clock in with similar or higher numbers.

Ladies! Slow down if you want to hop on Matthew Morrison's Sex-and-Respect Train.At any rate, given Morrison's high standards, we assume it's pretty difficult for him to find a girl these days, especially in the fast-paced Hollywood circles he must travel in. So we've made a handy wallet guide for him to clip and save.

When in doubt, whip this out at a party, Morrison.

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