Hey DJ! Friday Q&A: Roost Uno of Lowbrow Sundays, Tipsy Tuesdays

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Sometimes your set takes so long you've gotta pee your pants. Or so says DJ Roost Uno, who'd rather whiz on his leg than step away from the turntables. Luckily in his six years of keeping the party going Sunday nights at Delirium (and various other weeklies and events around town), Uno has yet to electrocute himself. He prefers instead to use his taste in rap, rock, and disco to electrify the dancefloor.

Name: DJ Roost Uno

Club night(s): Lowbrow Sundays at Delirium (16th & Albion); Tipsy Tuesdays at the Showdown (6th & Market)

Style(s) of music you spin: Nasty rap, soul/salsa, disco/rock classics, and your future favorite song.

So what's your story, in 100 words or less? I learned to DJ out of frustration. A handful of bands I was drumming in fell apart, and I needed a self sufficient cure for this anxious itch to play music. Mixing records came easily, I understood drums and complimenting rhythms. Choosing what to play was hard because my attention span sucked. I realized though if I could polish my selecting skills, my A.D.D. would turn from an annoyance into an artform. Twelve years later, I'm still coercing the prettiest girl on the floor to freak out to a tune she doesn't even know she loves yet.

Name of a track you can't get out of your head: "Shine Blockas" by Big Boi featuring Gucci Mane.

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Name of an artist you're currently championing in your DJ sets: Plies.

Name of a current favorite track for the peak of your set: Junior Boys "In The Morning (Hot Chip remix)"

Musical mantra: Play for the ladies, you dudes can thank me later.

Favorite DJ experience: Meeting late producer/rapper/genius J Dilla face to face at Mighty. No words were exchanged but he was an enormous presence despite the vulnerability from his illness. Lesson being, stop whining and press 'record'!

Worst request: "Can I just plug in my iPhone instead?, it's my birthday."

Worst club faux pas you've committed: Peeing my pants midway through a four-hour set in a packed venue. I soon understood the real value to a seven-minute song.

Most treasured vinyl score: Run DMC's Papa Crazy EP. It was my first piece of rap vinyl, given to me by my pops. More influential and priceless than the thousands of other choices in my tattered record collection. I employ my vinyls rather than spoil and treasure them!

What other music-related projects are you currently working on? Magical Mystery Mixtapes volumes 1-4: 60 minutes each containing serious slappers with a common thread. Lookout for a few of 'em in January 2010. Also, I'm mixing a tape w/ Philly Ocean, title & date TBA, but I will announce that. 2010 is a renaissance year for rap... watch it manifest in every last corner and niche of new music, from pop to progressive. I'm putting rap verses over new and breaking sounds, and reminding the youngsters that old stuff is still fresh and relevant too. Keep an eye on our crew, LOWSF, for new new tingles to your ear. DJ's Pony P / Philly Ocean / Sam Armstrong / Roost Uno are LOWSF.

What's something happening in the local music scene that should be getting more attention? The hyphy movement didn't die, it electro-fied. There's boatloads of new Bay rap bangers crossing over into the electro circuit--lookout!

What elements would your fantasy club night entail? Solar-powered fog machines, laser limbo contests, and albino predatory mammals free to roam the dancefloor or fix me drinks. If those demands fell through I'd settle for: Loud speakers, international music, rare effervescents, and dim lighting. Bubbles and a dark dancefloor make a girl go bananas, you know.

Question we didn't ask you but you often ask yourself: What song did I just play?

Next time we can see you spin: This Friday (12/4) at the Lower Haters Gallery / FTC collaborative artshow "For The City" 7-midnight (597 Haight Street). Rotating DJ for Tipsy Tuesdays at the Showdown (10 6th Street). Or *every* Sunday at Delirium for the spleen punishing dance-tastic "Lowbrow" (3139 16th Street). I've been playing that Sunday night for 5 years straight! But you knew that already.

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