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This is the time of year where you either a) have far too much to do at work, and need to waste time looking at funny things on the Internet or b) have far too little to do at work and need to waste time looking at funny things on the Internet. Either way, we have spent far too many work hours looking at blogs dedicated to creepy Christmas. And we offer you the best of these sites and images below for your afternoon distraction hours.

sketchy small.jpg
Sketchy Santas
Sketchy Santas tells us something we all knew far before the best holiday movie of all time, Bad Santa, made it clear: sometimes Santa's a bad man. The Sketchy Santas blog is packed with reader-submitted photos of Jolly St. Nick making kids cry for one reason or another.

Or you can click on over to Fuck Yeah, Strange Finds! blog, where you'll find, among other weird offerings, remote controls for your pets, supermodel chewing gum, and this photo below, of Christmas nail art.

xmas nails small.jpg
Fuck Yeah, Strange Finds!

And then of course, it wouldn't be the holidays without someone making fun of the various ways people in the suburbs sometimes keep warm.

religious s s.jpg
It's easy to find a ton of ugly Christmas sweaters with Google as your guide, but how many ugly Hanukkah sweaters ever get props? The image above comes from Funny-Potato.

Happy Holidays, no matter your tacky knitwear affiliation.
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