Pickups Amnesia: Verizon Droid Launch at Bimbo's 365 Club

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Indie rock music met tech at last Friday's Verizon Droid Launch at Bimbo's 365 Club in San Francisco, where Canadian Band Metric and Silverlake band Silversun Pickups played to celebrate the launch of Verizon Droid, an iPhone contender that has sold an estimated 100,000 units in its first weekend on the market and was much anticipated by key members of the technology community including Techcrunch demagogue Michael Arrington.

Yes, mobile snobs might salivate at the Droid's Google-powered navigation system, but the real question is (as always), "Will the product appeal to people beyond your average early adopter and win the hearts of mainstream users who are already pretty addicted to their 'Jesus Phones'?"

Perhaps that is why the company chose more low key (i.e. hipster) bands to helm its S.F. launch, winning over the tech savvy as well as the dillentate with it's eclectic taste. See: Weezer mySpace "Secret Shows" for another example of excellent target marketing.

Metric sparkles onstage

Let me use rest of this post to posit a theory: Our sister publication LAWeekly had an interesting run-in with the Pickups last week, which resulted in drunkeness, revelry and a torn up reporter's notebook. While I did not find a Delorean, yours truly ended up at Osha Thai (the Denny's of Thai food presumably) and don't really remember how I got home. I wasn't even supposed to write this review; my originally assigned writer also came down with a bad case of Silversun Pickups amnesia.

My theory is the Pickups are cursed; you see a Pickups show and end up remembering, well not much, but in a good way (after all the band was named after a liquor store). Perhaps then the new Verizon Droid can help you find your way home, if not your actual memories from the concert?

In any case, you know what they say about photos (and even more so, video via Handstamp Music) ...

Metric's Emily Haines
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