What To Do? Tonight's Pick: Selene Luna

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Selene Luna's "I Don't Care Anymore" @ The Dark Room

"Selene Luna is a real nice lady. Never mind that she takes her clothes off in public, tells dirty jokes onstage, and makes mean fun of bigots. What makes her nice is that she didn't punch Chelsea Handler.

Luna, the star of a new one-woman show called 'I Don't Care Anymore,' is a good pal of Margaret Cho's, and appeared with the comedian on Chelsea Lately. The host of the show proceeded to do her usual painfully awkward and semifunny thing, peppered with lines like, "They all know each other, don't they, the little people? You're so cute! Oh, and you're sexual? Well, that's ... wow, really?" Luna stands only 3 feet 10 inches tall, but her heart must be giant, since it kept her from cussing the blonde and walking off the show.

As funny and talented as she is tolerant of Chelsea Handler, Luna wrote her new show using stories gathered from her Los Angeles showbiz career. The woman also has style coming out of her ears and a strong desire to mock stereotypes, exactly not like Chelsea Handler.

Luna performs tonight at the Dark Room, 8 p.m., $10"  -Hiya Swanhuyser

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