Halloween Tricks: The 10 Creepiest Singers of All Time

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For all of America's pretty pop idols, we also have a healthy appreciation for singers who make us really uncomfortable. Who give us the creeps, if you will.

As a special Halloween treat, here are the top ten performers who give us that special form of skeeves:

1. Corey Taylor
corey wiki.jpg
bill from jersey city
The Slipknot frontman is also known as #8. Is that the number of victims he's claimed? His utterly freaky masks, evoking serial killers, would seem to suggest as much.

2. Gene Simmons
kiss wiki small.jpg
The blood-dripping, fire-spitting Simmons hails from the old-guard of Creepville. Some nearly 40 years after KISS first formed, he still reigns supreme with endless bursts of verbal machismo. Not to mention his constant icky wags of that ridiculously long tongue. 

3. R. Kelly
r kelly small.jpg
Nicholas Ballasy
In cockier days, Kelly dubbed himself the "Pied Piper of R&B." He's more like the Wee Willie Winkie of R&B. Since his surprise acquittal on child pornography charges, we hope everyone manages to stay dry from now on.

4. Pete Doherty
pete d wiki small.jpg
This London-based singer's drink and drug intake has rivaled that of his close pal Amy Winehouse. Powder-flecked nostrils and rolling eyeballs has kept the slovenly Doherty in the British tabloids, which we wouldn't mind so much if he didn't come off as a narcissistic ass. The name of his band says it all: Babyshambles.
5. Diamanda Galas
galas small.jpg
It's not that we're not supportive of Elvira having a music career. But Galas, who could easily be mistaken for the Mistress of the Dark, probably scares off any potential executives. And the scary atonal melodies probably don't help.

6. Alice Cooper
cooper wiki.jpg
Time has softened Alice Cooper's shock value. But he still works that creepy uncle vibe so spectacularly with his raccoon eyeliner and faux scowl.

7. Grace Jones
grace j.jpg
This bald, Amazonian woman might have an inviting, intriguing visage to many. Not so much for her LSD-peppered witticisms. Super creepy.

8. Lady Gaga
gaga wiki small 1.jpg
A baby creep in training, Gaga has transformed from buttons 'n bows to blood and blow in little over a year's time. A gory fake suicide in her MTV Video Music Awards performance disappointed the nuns at her former Catholic school, and gave us a collective shudder.

9. Marilyn Manson
marilyn small wiki.jpg
No list of creeps would be complete without Manson. Those freaky eyes, the Gestapo-like haircut, the past-death paleface. A sweet boy to bring home to mom, not.

10. Till Lindemann
till wiki small.jpg
Lindemann is the daunting frontman of German band Rammstein. We'd definitely run the other way if we saw him. Sporting enough hair gel to immobilize a lion, Lindemann totally works the sex offender look.

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