Exotic Erotic Ball Slideshow: Wildest Party on Earth (NSFW)

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Click through to our (very NSFW) slideshow for lingerie, fetish, and leather.

The 30th Annual Exotic Erotic Ball came back home to the Cow Palace last Saturday.  After last year's disappointing Treasure Island outing replete with bus issues and too few bathroom facilities it was a welcome return, taking in an estimated 9000 party goers.

The main stage area offered plenty of seating and much room, allowing attendees to get a close hand look at the main attractions offered and featuring fantastic shows by Super Geek League, Impotent Sea Snakes, and Missing Persons as well an appearance by Tila Tequila. The intermission shows were especially entertaining as Paul Nathan took stage to become the ring leader for some steamy burlesque and other fetish oddities.  Honestly, we didn't know that tongues could do the various things showcased.

At the decidedly more intimate Bling Bling stage, hosted by Enrique of Surreal SF, we were treated to hot exclusive acts that sometimes overshadowed the bigger fare of the main stage.  It featured an all star DJ lineup, the Surreal Devil Girls, and a stand out performance by CR Gruve. This little stage that could, actually produced the single most show stopping event of the night in the form of a stellar performance by Coolio. 

A stones throw away, the VIP area seemed like a rehash of last year's fare which, while entertaining (sexy Zombie strip tease anyone) seemed ill managed at the entrance.  We caught quite a few people who didn't pay the extra money for VIP access having full reign of the area.  That being said the smaller main stage did make for some pretty cool happenings.  Of note there was the excellent power duo performance by DJ Meikee Magnetic and live drummer Mateo-G.   

In the more subdued and tightly packed expo area, the vendors were out in full force offering everything under the fetish sun.  A virtual market of the sexy, kinky and grotesque.  This was the only thing that suffered in the move back from Treasure Island which was much more robust and airy than the cramped area at the Cow Palace.  It seemed that it didn't allow you to take in much of what was being offered and stalls were a little packed due to foot traffic.

So what was the sum total? The same as year's past sprinkled with some highlight moments. We were slightly disappointed with not having a "must see" act that would have made everyone converge on the main stage, but there was enough on the fringes to make it worth it.  All in all the Cow Palace is a much better place to hold this event. 

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