Favorite (SFW) Costumes at the Exotic Erotic Ball

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From the religious protesters out front who yelled that the costumed revelers should "make the right choice" and not enter the Cow Palace, to the vast array of half-dressed men and women inside, the Exotic Erotic Balll was a feast for the eyes with endless streams of people dressed as dominatrixes, sexy lions, waitresses or dominatrix lion waitresses.

Inside the main hall, as Tila Tequila and other lesser known b-listers (i.e. Coolio) took the stage we watched a laser light show, in which dozens of people danced and writhed on the cement floor. Which costume did we like best? Maybe the guy with the inflatable doll performing sex acts, or perhaps the lady dressed as a Bondage Laura Kroft. But not everyone was scantilty NSFW and racier slideshow not withstanding, below are some of our favorite PG-13 rated costume highlights.

All photos by Calibree Photography.

exotic erotic1.jpg
Tron Couple

exotic erotic2.jpg
Member of Anonymous and Girlfriend

exotic erotic3.jpg
Hip-Hop Big Bird

exotic erotic16.jpg
Coolio signing some girl's butt

exotic erotic4.jpg
PDA Zombies

exotic erotic5.jpg
BSDM Zombie

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