10 Things to Do This Weekend for Under $10

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André Koehne
This weekend marks the kickoff for the fall holidays -- our favorite mad dash of too many parties and too much eating and all that dressing up and overextending ourselves. For Halloween weekend, there's no shortage of budget options to keep you busy. To wit:

Muni Diaries Live @ Make-Out Room (Fri.)
The Halloween tie-in here isn't blatant, but it does exist. After the whole Bay Bridge shut-down debacle, the number of public-transit riders with horror stories to share should've shot up in numbers. Muni Diaries' spoken-word soiree, "Under the Influence," takes over happy hour at Make-Out Room tonight with lots of humorous re-enactments, tall bus tales, and "live music inspired by our transit system." (Free, 7:30-9:30 p.m.)

Future Shock @ Madrone (Fri.) Future Shock gets creative with the whole funk night concept at Madrone. The idea here was to base a club around James Brown's short-lived TV show, meaning there'll be a whole lotta soul, funk, and disco on deck. But DJs Freddy Anzures and Jason Jenkins will give these sonic styles a "futuristic, electronic" twist. It's a "Ghetto Futuristic Psychedelic Electronic Erotic Dance Party that will make you do the Hustle, the Robot, and the Percolator." Got that? ($5, 9 p.m.)

Rocky Horror Picture Show @ Clay Theatre (Fri. and Sat.) Check out this camp classic with live performances by the Bawdy Caste, a theater company dedicated solely to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. This Halloween special at the Clay includes an "audience participation kit," so you can become the active moviegoer this oldie-but-goodie demands. (11:55 p.m., $8-$9.50)

Take Back Halloween SF FlashDance @ Embarcadero Center (Sat.) As if you need to encourage a buncha flash mobbers to dress up: this round of FlashDance is all about Halloween. So costume it up, slap on a "Fix It" badge, and grab something musical (boom box, instrument, etc.). The FlashDance crew hits Embarcadero Center at 9 p.m.

Heavy Hairy Halloween @ the Attic (Sat.) Metal Up Your Attic DJs Roscoe and BC bring the devil horns to the Mission's darkest hole in the wall. Their Rocktober playlist includes "unleashing the dumbest, loudest, critics-hated-est hits to ever grace radio, TV, or junior high Walkmans." (Free, 10 p.m.)

Journey to the End of the Night @ Downtown S.F. (Sat.) This one's a bit of a wild card, as we imagine playing a city-wide game with a bunch of strangers puts a lot of weight on who those others players are--and how well the game is designed. But hey, the fact that folks will be in costume should heighten the stakes in Journey to the End of the Night,  a free outdoor event involving "rushing from point to point," and "stumbling into situations for a stranger's signature, fleeing unknown pursuers, breathing hard, admiring the landscape and the multitude of worlds hidden in it." Ok then. Sign up here, read up on the rules, and then meet at 7 p.m. on Steuart St. between Market and Mission.

Halloween Party w/ Bobb Saggeth @ Amnesia (Sat.) One of the best things about San Francisco cover bands is the names they come up with. There's David Bowie fans Blowie, Bob Seger tribute act Total BS, and the new Black Sabbath cover band, Bobb Saggeth. The last-named act, featuring members of Citay, will take the stage at Amnesia on Saturday night for the bar's big Halloween party. Festivities include a "monster mash" costume contest and a performance by metal band Cretaceous (8 p.m. Okay, this one costs $10 on the nose, but we're letting it slide 'cause we dig the idea of a very Sabbath Halloween.).

Ghosts, Sinners, and Secret Places @ Downtown, Chinatown (Sat.)
What better day then Halloween to take this walking tour, which passes through Union Square and into Chinatown. San Francisco City Guides leads you through a walking discussion of hidden tunnels, secret speakeasies, and scary murder stories. (Free, 6 p.m. Meet at the kiosk in Hallidie Plaza at Market and Powell).

The Room @ Red Vic (Sat.) Who can resist a film that's tagged "the Citizen Cane of bad movies"? (Check out this Entertainment Weekly piece explaining how The Room, a love triangle set in San Francisco, became a total cult classic in recent years -- due in part, the writer says, to its "so-bad-it's-freakin'-awesome vibe"). The movie screens at midnight at the Red Vic. ($6-$9)

Open Studios @ Hunters Point (Sat. and Sun.) Come back down from -- or just completely escape -- Halloween madness with a trip through the art studios in Hunters Point. There are a number of cool converted warehouses and unusual workspaces in this neighborhood, most of which will be on display (along with the art and artists who use them) as part of Open Studios 2009, which hits its fourth weekend this week. Grab a map here. (Free, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

What'd we miss? Add your suggestions for cheap weekend activities in the comments section below. 
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