10 Things To Do This Weekend For Under $10

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Caroliner @ the Lab (Sat. and Sun.)
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass @ Golden Gate Park (Fri.-Sun.)
Wait, what? Steve Martin and MC Hammer and Neko Case and Steve Earle? Yeah, it's the city's biggest free hootenanny with a cross section of roots music fans. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass kicks off today at 10:30 a.m.; the last act hits the stage Sunday at 7 p.m.

Inaugural Show @ Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (Friday)
GAFFTA aims turn an eyesore neighborhood into a destination for rising art stars. It set up shop at 55 Taylor (behind the Warfield) with visions of an art gallery, music media lab, cafe, and boutique all within a couple doors of one another. Tonight is the public kick off for the gallery space, an exhibit appropriately called OPEN. The foundation is technology savvy, and these initial artists display a passion for digital arts. Come check out the future of Taylor St. and of the local art scene at GAFFTA between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. (free)

Three Mothers Trilogy @ YBC (Fri-Sun.)
"Employing a brazen palette of eye-popping colors and over-the-top soundtracks, Italian director Dario Argento rescued psychological horror from the sealed tomb of politely repressed narratives. His other great innovation, exemplified by the "Three Mothers Trilogy," was placing innocent women at the center of his otherworldly scenarios. In Inferno (Oct. 3), a Manhattan lass encounters a diary titled The Three Mothers, which portends apocalyptic evil. The curious 2007 capper, The Mother of Tears (Oct. 4), centers on a Roman archaeologist (the filmmaker's daughter Asia) who unwittingly opens a Pandora's urn. The plots, though, aren't what give Argento's movies their spiky kick. It's his gorgeous, delirious, and often surreal imagery that haunts -- and taunts -- long after the lights come up." Michael Fox (The "Three Mothers Series" screens at Yerba Buena Center through Sunday; times vary, $8)

San Francisco LovEvolution (Saturday)
Who loves a parade more than San Francisco's club community? The night owls have been prepping their LovEvolution party floats for months now, and at noon 25 of these roaming displays of feathers and fuzz hit the pavement at 2nd and Market St. They end up at Civic Center, where the event goes from being free to requiring a $10 admission fee.

Moped @ Amnesia (Saturday)

If supersized floats and parades go a little too big for your style, cozy it up on the dancefloor at Amnesia, where Moped's live-electronica combo moves brains and butts. (9 p.m., $5)

Caroliner @ The Lab (Saturday & Sunday)
Few performances burn themselves into memory (and the cornea) like Caroliner, the psychedelic, experimental bluegrass 'n' beats act that has for years lit up stages in costumes and background dressing like no other. At a Cafe du Nord show last July, Caroliner came on like a day-glo fever dream, the fabrics and colors of their costumes blending into that of their instruments and background. It was a fully immersive experience, something like Chuck E. Cheese on acid, but with better music: long jams that were tribal and percussive but punk in their provocative vibe. Regardless of whether the tunes on Caroliners' MySpace page drive you to collect their limited-edition records, the live show is something to behold. The crew offers two rare performances at the Lab: on Saturday at 8p.m., and on Sunday at 2 p.m. ($5-$10 sliding scale)

Creative Control: Skate Video Night @ 111 Minna (Saturday)
Spend your Saturday night watching skate videos with a hip-hop soundtrack as DJ Apollo hosts a 2-hour set of audio and visual clips for Creative Control at 111 Minna. The event promises to have Bay Area skate legends on the big screen and DJ legends on the turntables. (10 p.m., $5 entry if you print out the flier).

Saturday Night Soul Party @ Elbo Room (Saturday)
It's always summer upstairs at Elbo Room when Saturday Night Soul Party is spinning the tunes. All those vintage polyester suits and dresses get downright damp as DJs Lucky, Paul Paul, and Phengren Oswald take you back with the classics. ($5 if you arrive in "semi-formal" attire--meaning look nice, son).

If, Then Maybe...@ Needles & Pens (Saturday)

Tim Kerr has bounced around a ton of great skate- and garage punk bands over the years in his hometown of Austin, TX. When he's not breaking strings (and, in one memorable SXSW performance, one of his legs) on stage, the dude's also quite the artist. His visual artwork has almost the following of his audio output, and Saturday he's part of a group show at Needles & Pens with Russ Pope, Matthew Rodriguez, and Michael Sieben. Kerr will have treats for yer eyes and ears, performing "olde-timey music" with Eric Landmark and friends. (free, 6 p.m.-9:30 p.m.)

Arata Pumpkin Farm @ Half Moon Bay (All weekend)

The holidays are on, dude. Market Street's full of X-Mas snowflakes, but we're just talking Halloween still here. We'd recommend hitting the Half Moon Bay pumpkin patches really early in the season--like, now--before it takes you an hour to get through Half Moon Bay. Highway 1 is a nightmare of the unfun kind once you get closer to Halloween, but hit Arata this weekend and you may still beat the rush. This particularly fall festive-farm houses a maze that--swear to god--took us a good 45 minutes to get out of. Tons of activities here, all of which are cheap. (9 a.m.-7 p.m.)


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