Last Night: Davila 666, Mannequin Men, Nobunny at Thee Parkside

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Mannequin Men
Davila 666, Mannequin Men, Nobunny
Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2009
Thee Parkside

Better than:
Getting a massage.

When there's a holiday at the end of the week, everything gets moved up a day. So Monday's the new Tuesday, Tuesday's the new Wednesday, and, because of this scientific acceleration, Wednesday's the new Friday night. Last night at Thee Parkside, the crowd was as impatient to trade in the middle of the week for its end as the bands were amped to act like the end was here. The club filled with the sounds and the stumbling arounds (and into walls, for some girls near me) of pure weekend release.

There was good reason for there to be a party going down at Thee Parkside. Two of the best bands on the rock/garage circuit, Chicago's Mannequin Men and Puerto Rico's Davila 666, were in town, supported by our own rascally rabbit, Nobunny .

Nobunny is a special breed of furry pervert, giving '50s rock 'n' roll a filthy beer gut sensibility, Dictators style. He's a smart-ass character in grimy cartoonish fur, and his trash- and fun-loving songs about girls and punk and puns ("Motorhead with Me!") forcibly prevent serious analysis. The 'Bunny performs with a full band, including a shirtless Marcos from Rock N Roll Adventure Kids on bass, a cottontail tucked into his asscrack. The vocals, and the set itself, was rough as your tongue during a bad whiskey hangover, which only makes the performance all the more fun. Last night's show was Nobunny's second to last, however. There's one more gig coming up--for Budget Rock at the end of October--after which, Nobunny explained, "I'm gonna die."

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