I Heart Street Art: Political Stencils in Morocco

This week, Telephone and Soup check in once more from Morocco:

Is that a bird or a plane or a superman or... Moroccan democracy hard at work? It's actually two birds, two envelopes, and one horse all hard at work for Moroccan democracy.

conflicting accounts.jpg

Spray paint isn't only used to promote soccer teams here in Rabat (as we might have led you to believe in last week's post). These stencils are a part of Morocco's democratic election process. We're heard conflicting accounts of their exact role from Moroccans. Some say they're used as officially sanctioned ad space for political parties. Others say they're used to show election results. At the very least, we do know that each party has their own stencil.This wheat stencil leads us to believe it's all about reporting election results. Why else would there be three wheat stencils in one box and only one in another? (Go wheat!)

three stencils.jpg

Then again, this wall kind of leads us to believe each party gets their own box to campaign.


Either way, if we could, we'd vote for the Tractor Party (definitely not their real name by the way) because of their impressive two layer stencil work.

dont care.jpg

Quite often these walls are mostly empty. (This guy seems to be the only one running. Ahar har har!)


Which is perhaps as symbolic as the fact that the King's picture is in every single store and hotel in the country. Our favorite hotel has the previous king, the king before that king, the future king, and of course the current king Mohammed VI, all behind their front desk.

Election season comes around in November. Maybe we'll be able to get a straight answer about the stencils from someone then. In the meanwhile we'll be traveling about the country and working on our own projects that everyone can check out at our website. Thank you Allan for letting us take over your blog for two weeks!

No problemo. Thanks again for sharing!
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