Olivia Munn: A Follow Up Post

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Olivia Munn
UPDATE: I have been contacted by Kristina Levsky Senior Publicist for G4 who says Olivia Munn is NOT leaving AOTS. Rumor Quelled.

A rumor* has been circulating on the interwind that Olivia Munn (recently written about here) was leaving or had left G4's Attack of the Show. I have found no evidence to corroborate this piece of gossip despite an exhaustive, minute long search on the Googles. I even looked at Wikipedia. I CARE THAT MUCH.

Anyway, Munn was on vacation in Europe the past two weeks (according to her blog) and while she was in Italy buying tiny bikinis and jumping into Italian pies (heh) or whatever, Playboy Playmate of the Year '07 Sara Jean Underwood co-hosted the show along with Web Soup's Chris Hardwick aka the Nerdist aka Mr. Kiala Kazebee. This, along with the prior appearance of guest bikini wearing host Carissa Walford, may have been the source of the gossip although I'm not so sure as the rumors have been flying around the nerd blogs for the better part of this year.

I will NOT get into another discussion about the qualifications of these people-women hosting this particular show. Instead, I present to you a choice bit of information found during my scientific and super-professional research process -  this tweet from Ms. Underwood...
The text, in case you can't read it, says, "Watching, megan wants a millionaire. She makes me embarrassed to be a woman. Stand on your own two feet girl!!!!!! Urgh!"

Yep. Take it all in. The GLORY and PAGEANTRY of Underwood lingering in the background like a bed of boobs on which has been placed this insight into television teaching women (arguably) improper values. The irony is delicious, is it not?

*This guy I know on Facebook mentioned it. Seriously, if anyone out there has any info on whether Olivia Munn really is leaving AOTS please let me know in the comments or via email kiala.kazebee@gmail.com
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