M.I.A. Bashes Tenacious D on Twitter

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Hatin' on the D: M.I.A.

Courtesy of Perez Hilton via Prefix magazine, SriLankan/UK rebel rapper M.I.A. has dropped the Twitter equivalent of a stink bomb on her fellow Outside Lands performers Tenacious D, who had the misfortune to replace the ever-popular Beastie Boys at this weekend's massive San Francisco music festival. "IM TAKIN BIRD FLU OUT OF THE SET ! JUS TO MAKE A POINT," M.I.A. Tweeted in all-caps, showing her apparent anger at preceding the "School of Rock" star and his overweight yet rockin' buddy.

WTF, M.I.A.? Okay, you love the Beasties, we love the Beasties too. But why hate on the D? They're nice enough guys trying to make the best of an unfortunate situation, and who knows? They might just be able to pull off the biggest show of their entire careers without a hitch or hiccup (anyone got a spare Pick of Destiny?). Why not show encouragement toward your fellow musicians?

M.I.A. promises, "WE HAVE TO GO HARD!!!" and invites everyone on stage with her "FROM THE GET GO," but it's difficult to understand why she's kvetching so loudly. She's lucky enough to be playing the festival in the first place, especially on the main stage, and if she disagrees with the headliner, why not just commit all that fire to a blazing-hot cover of a classic Beasties song, like "High Plains Drifter," "So Whatcha Want?" or "She's Crafty"?

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