I Heart Street Art: Transbay Terminal Tag

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The best part of spending last week in Berkeley was the commute. There's this thing called the CalTrans Commuter Bike Shuttle that runs during peak periods between MacArthur BART and the Transbay Terminal. For $1 you can be one of the 14 passengers on a 14-passenger commuter van with a 14-bike bike trailer hitched to the back. One dollar! That's a fraction of the cost of a BART ride, in case you hadn't noticed.
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The thing about the bike shuttle is this: You've gotta get to the stop early, because if you're passenger number 15, you're shit outta luck. So you have to get there like really early, like at least 20 minutes ahead of time. If an angry messenger rolls up 10 minutes before departure and the queue is already full, he'll be liable to lose his god damn mind. So get there early and watch your back.
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The other thing about this commute is that once you arrive at your destination, you realize your destination is the Transbay Terminal, which is fucking disgusting. Its walls and floors are covered in piss and feces -- at best -- and its halls and stairwells are dark and sketchy, and reek of the aforementioned in a way I can't fully describe without being able to slug you in your sternum. So, thank heaven for this weird tag which brightened up my visits to the Transbay Heinousness Festival every day last week. Such weird Ks, right? I dig it. FYI, Wikipedia informs us that HKK refers to the Armenian Communist Party. Rad. LONG LIVE THE INDISSOLUTE UNION OF THE WORKING CLASS, THE PEASANTRY AND THE INTELLIGENTSIA!

Special thanks to Sexpigeon for making me aware of this shuttle service.
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