Hipsters, Rejoice: PVMJ Wristbands Are Here

PvMJ wristbands.jpg
Available in Purple (and other colors, too)

Despite your PBR tattoo, pimped-out track bike, and closet full of guayabera shirts and skinny pants, admit it: your life as a hipster was incomplete. You desperately searched for meaning at Kuduro parties, chic art openings, and monster truck rallies. You were halfway through your mashup mix of Brazilian tropicalismo and hair-metal when you realized: if only I had a "Prince vs. Michael Jackson" wristband, my life would be worth more than the $200 I just spent on a nylon windbreaker.

Rejoice, for the PVMJ bands--similar to the Lance Armstrong Livestrong joints, but without the added burden of actually supporting a cause other than classic yet ironically cliched music--have arrived, according to PVMJ/Bomb Hip-Hop DJ Dave Paul. Made out of silicon, the wristbands are available in 8 colors: Yellow, White, Gray, Black, Green, Light Blue, Red and--of course--Purple. Order them online here and you'll be all set for the next SF installment of the now-legendary party (September 19 at Madrone Lounge). If you're a real hipster and not just a trendy one, you'll probably want to get up on the rare vinyl remixes--featuring extended dance mixes of "Let's Work," "Sexy MF," and others--of the Purple One also available on the Bomb Hip-Hop site.

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