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DJ Salva is such a busy dude he had to invent multiple pseudonyms just to keep track of the music he's producing. The Chicago native runs the Frite Nite label, helping folks in the experimental hiphop and bass-heavy dance genres get their tunes licensed, and that's when he's not DJing or crafting tracks of his own that'll make you trip or make you sweat, depending on the moniker he's working under.

Salva spins this weekend at the Redwood Room, and next week he helps kick off a brand new club night for bass heads, Disco vs. Dubstep at Poleng on Wednesday. 

Name: DJ Salva

Club night(s): Disco vs. Dubstep @ Poleng Lounge, every Wednesday.
Redwood Room // Clift Hotel, every other Saturday

Style(s) of music you spin: Forward-thinking pop music, soulful dubstep, nu disco, experimental hip-hop (the BLAP!), electro, juke and house.

So what's your story, in 100 words or less?
I spent my early years in Chicago where I formed my love for house, juke and freestyle. When I was 18 I moved to Miami Beach where I fell in love with Miami Bass culture and started DJing electro bass and IDM. Meanwhile I honed my craft of production and turntablism as well as formally studying music business and marketing strategies. I traveled back to the Midwest and was a part of several hip hop groups and crossover indie bands and started remixing high-profile artists. While on tour I visited San Francisco, and a few months later I was living here, now with a new hustle, a new company, and a new palette of sounds.

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