Coda's Jazzy, Snazzy Opening Night

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Coda's Intro: Jazz Mafia

As Jennifer Maerz reported last week, SF has a new go-to spot for jazz. The site of the former Levende/Butterfly is now Coda (a musical term meaning outro) a name which sounds cool and hip and is easy to say to boot. I swung by Coda on opening night to check out the festivities and found pretty much the usual suspects: the Jazz Mafia, Marcus Shelby, and some other mainstays of the local musician community, like Felonious emcee Soulati (who was called to the stage to kick some microphonage).

The vibe was somewhere between buzzy and laid back, with lots of scenesters present, including Raw Deluxe emcee Mic Blake and Greg Scott bassist Angeline Saris. It was cool for opening night, but it will be interesting to see if Coda can maintain the same type of energy once they start actually charging a cover to get in. Besides the fact that the place looks much the same as Levende, my biggest complaint was the outrageous price I was charged for a Cazadores margarita: fourteen dollars. Ouch. And it wasn't even a double. Manhattan prices in San Francisco? Can't say I'm too jazzed about that.

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