10 Reasons Sightglass Coffee Has Not Returned My Emails

Image Source: Juliale on Flickr

I have been trying to get someone from Sightglass Coffee (270 Seventh Street @ Folsom) to talk to me for well over a month now - to no avail. Who does a person have to touch inappropriately to get in contact with these guys? 

Sightglass, according to Twitter, appears to be the darling of the SOMA/web 2.0 set  - frequented by the likes of Kevin Rose, Jack Dorsey, and Alex Payne. My guess is the owners are friends of these internet superstars. They even have their own Flickr group (Sightglass be all cloud computing and s**t)! I haven't had a chance to get down to the space in person because I'm a tech blogger and I don't get out of my pajamas for less than 6,000,000 hits a day, but from the pics it looks great with marbled cement floors, shiny expensive machinery, and the requisite exposed brick of all 2.0 ventures. It appears to be everything a Twitter/Digg clientele would want in a schmancy coffee shop. Unfortunately, they must have placed some sort of Kiala Kazebee embargo on the place because, as I stated before, no one will get back to me. Therefore, in lieu of a proper interview, I've created a list of possible reasons the Sightglass people continue to shun me.

1. Kevin Rose found out about that thing I said about Julia Allison that one time.

2. There was a Woot Off that day.

3. With the Twitter Czars on their side, why would they need publicity from the media? The media's dying anyway, or hadn't you heard? (I read that in a newspaper.)

4. They were too busy helping Kevin Rose come up with his own Jones Soda flavor. Might I suggest "Digg Newton"? You're welcome.

5. Fail Whale Flu.

6. Too busy faxing copies of internal Twitter documents to TechCrunch. (MYSTERY SOLVED)

7. You have no idea how long it takes to put together a Matchbox Track, especially when Jack Dorsey starts in on how this particular Matchbox Track is going to change the way the world communicates with tiny little cars.

8. DoS attack on the milk frother.

9. The internet is a series of tubes that apparently do not lead to Sightglass.

10. They're doing it wrong.

Sightglass may contact me at kiala.kazebee@gmail.com or follow me at twitter.com/kiala Although after writing this list I'm not sure I want them to. 

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