Weekend Web Wroundup - Part I

Welcome to our first installment of what may (possibly) be a regular feature here on All Shook Down - the Weekend Web Wroundup. GET IT?

You see, the name mimics the "www" of the "world wide web" and therefore it...oh FINE. I couldn't think of anything better so Weekend Web Wroundup it is.

The WWW (see? it's working!) will "wroundup" the weekend's most interesting tech and social media news in a convenient list form. Feel free to print this list out and tape it to your internet portal device. Or, you could just del.i.cious it if you wish to save trees and also, if you don't live in 1997.

Without further ado, let's get to the wrounding up!

Gorilla penis! 4chan infiltrated the Twitters with a spammy #gorillapenis hashtag, making it a trending topic, and upsetting anti-gorilla penis groups everywhere.

Twitter accounts suspended! Speaking of #gorillapenis spam, many Twitter accounts were suspended and then reinstated over the weekend for no apparent reason other than "human error" according to the tech folks at Twitter HQ. Some suspect the 4chan spam had something to do with it.

Blogging saved the world! Or something.

Micro projectors on the iPhone! Rumors abound about the possibility of a wall projection device for the iPhone. A/V geeks pee their pants. Again.

Sarah Palin sues everyone via Twitter and Facebook! Seriously. Tell that to your friend who thinks social media is all about cats and lunch tweets.

And that's it for the inaugural installment of WWW! Feedback most welcome in the comments.
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