The Aliens Beam Up Fans With New Birdman Package

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From Neil Young to the Pixies, musicians are banking on fans forking over the big bucks to own more than a collection of songs. Different acts are experimenting with various ways to repackage their music to include physical odds and ends, video footage, and other goodies that help hike up revenues to the artists. U.K. band The Aliens--which includes members of the Beta Band--are one of the lesser known acts to try and pretty up their retail offerings with something special for the loyal folks.

The Aliens recently announced that they're going to have a limited-edition, 50+ page book on the shelves this fall, a package that will include a new record as well as drawings, poems, film stills, photographs, and interviews. Not sure what the cost is gonna be for this sucker, but you'll be able to find it on local label Birdman.

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