Sad Comic-Con's Over? Sob Not Young Nerdlings - Blackest Night's Geoff Johns is Here to Fill Your Con-less Hole!


Comic-Con is over and while some of us are content to weep silently into our Twilight Watchmen pillows, still others look back over the past weekend and think to themselves, "If only I could re-live the beauty and majesty of Comic-Con by reading some sort of interview with DC wunderkind/Blackest Night author Geoff Johns. IF ONLY."

Ta da! Your wish is granted, my geeky, melancholy, lemons-into-lemonade friends. A little over a week ago, SF Weekly had the supreme pleasure of meeting, interviewing, and touching Geoff Johns - and not just in a creepy way. Isotope Comics (326 Fell St San Francisco, CA 94102), James Sime's sweet comic shop in Hayes Valley, hosted a Blackest Night signing party on July 18th complete with Black Lantern Corps rings, specialty Green Lantern themed cocktails, and Geoff Johns himself. Oh, and about 300 of the nicest comic nerds ever. Prior to kicking off the signing, we sat down with Johns and asked him many, many questions about the DC universe, the Green Lantern series, and his feelings about fanboys. Enjoy this interview and never let it be said the SF Weekly doesn't care about you. In fact, consider this a nerdhug from the interwebz. You're welcome.

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