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On its upcoming album, World Painted Blood, Slayer has found God. And by that I don't mean the band has come around on the Holy Spirit--nah, these heathens have this time nailed Him down as a disease, once again expressing their unyeilding contempt for the whole religious shebang.

On the new track "Hate Worldwide," the group puts the man upstairs in his place: "It's become my obsession to treat God like an infection." Tom Araya comes out clawing, gruffly boasting that he's a "godless heretic, not a god-fearing lunatic," and threatening, "I stab you right between the eyes, you awaken from the lies." I don't think we're gonna see these dudes in church any time soon (and if you do, you might want to make sure they've been through the metal detector first). While all that antichrist speak gets a little dull the 50th time around, those signature speed-of-light riffs and that relentlessly brusing rhythm secion should keep the faithful religiously moshing to the sound of hate 'round the globe. 

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