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I'm not a huge fan of mashups, but this Muppet Mashup site is kinda cute, mainly because it ferrets out a lot of songs otherwise lost long ago from the memory banks. DJ BC's remix of "Scooter and the Computer Worms" is a particularly silly techno rave up of a silly ditty about the "new sound so deep down in the ground" made by worms. Generally the songs that work best here keep the whimsical humor of the original tune intact, chopping it down to a couple memorable phrases and adding extra bounce. (Grinding the foundation down into a straight dance number, or throwing a Stray Cats bit in there doesn't work quite as well). But there are some amusing moments to be found, memory triggers of both the early days of snacking on PB&J sandwiches in front of the TV, and, for those who lived in the Bay Area in the mid to late '90s, those underground Sesame Street raves (where the Count gained new significance to many revelers on E).

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