Lyrics Born Drops New Mixtape, Appears at Stern Grove

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One Pho tha Show: Lyrics Born

If Lyrics Born ever gets tired of rapping, he could easily be a comedian. The opening skit from his new mixtape, The Lyrics Born Variety Show Season Pho, in which LB goes to a Vietnamese restaurant and tries to order some soup ("Pho"--get it?), is LMFAO funny. LB's obviously got a sense of humor, but he conceals it well with his deadpan tone. The mixtape proper is a bit more serious, collecting some of LB's recent appearances, like J-Boogie's "Revolution," and the Mighty Underdogs' "Ill Vacation"; new material like "Stay Professional," "Pop Campaign," and "Block Bots" (featuring Clyde Carson); exclusive remixes; mashups; sneak peeks from LB's next full length As You Were; and more hilarious skits.

Speaking of LB, he and his "Re-View" appear at the Stern Grove Festival July 26, along with The Mighty Underdogs--which may well turn out to be a watershed moment for homegrown hip-hop.

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