Last Night: Noisettes at the Rickshaw Stop

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Rickshaw Stop
July 28, 2009

(Top photo by Maureen Jackson)

Better than: Any show I've seen in a long time.

America hasn't yet fallen under the spell of London trio Noisettes, but it's gonna happen soon. They are well known in their homeland, and their latest single, "Never Forget You," leaps out of my speakers whenever I listen to the BBC. The song is heavily influenced by Motown and old-school soul, but unlike other Brits who have recently mined this vein of music (Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Adele), Noisettes got it right.

The key to the band's charm is Shingai Shoniwa, an exceptional front woman. She has a truly great soul/rock voice that can wrap itself around a song, and she has the onstage abandon of Iggy Pop (but she's much better looking). Last night she prowled the stage barefoot, leading an audience--drawn from all ages and colors--into that middle ground of wanting to dance but not wanting to look away from the stage to see what she might do next.

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