Last Night: Soul Clap at the Elbo Room

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This dude really, really wanted to win. He air humped another dude on the dance floor.
Soul Clap
Elbo Room
Monday, July 27, 2009
Better than
: Grease, Grease 2, Grease Lightning

If you still believe people in San Francisco don't dance, you're going to the wrong shows. You can complain all you want about folks in other cities standing with arms crossed in clubs, but in this town it takes very little to get people to shake a little ass, hump a little air, or shuffle a little shoulder when there's a good beat coming out of the sound system.

Last night New York DJ Jonathan Toubin came to town to offer locals a reward for getting their pulses up near heart attack levels. His traveling Soul Clap competition promises revelers a night of old soul music, and for the bold and the boozed up, a chance to win a $100 prize for having the best moves on the dance floor.

At 10 p.m., upstairs at Elbo Room was a ghost town. It was a Monday night, after all. But slowly the dancers walked up the stairs and on to the dance floor--stretching, shaking out the kinks, and going to collect the numbers that'd be pinned to their back so us judges (myself, Jello Biafra, Jay Howell, David Katznelson from Birdman Records, oldies/soul DJs Primo and Paul Paul, two dancers named Cinnamon and Princess from the Lusty Lady, Kimberly Chun from the Guardian) could figure out who won each of the four rounds. That proved to be a much more difficult process than expected, causing dance-offs between two of the best contestants nearly every round.

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