I Heart Street Art: Green Thumb

ScreenHunter_02 Jul. 07 11.09.jpg
As you know, I've taken a number of trips in recent weeks. Valencia, Barcelona, Berlin, Memphis. But none so foreign a destination as Sunnyside. Sunnyside is a sunny San Francisco neighborhood somewhere between Glen Park and City College -- clean, quiet, residential. Not a lot of street art. Except for this lone hidden gem by D-Know.
ScreenHunter_03 Jul. 07 11.11.jpg

Well, what is it? Calls to mind the Beatles, the Riddler, the
Flintstones, Monty Python and every bad acid trip I ever had. But also
a little bit hip-hop. And it looks great in the bottom-right quadrant
of a big metal octagon.

ScreenHunter_04 Jul. 07 11.11.jpg
clearly have no idea what it is, but it was a sight for sore eyes on
such a pristine little suburban block. Not that there's not plenty of
other nice stuff to look at in Sunnyside:
ScreenHunter_08 Jul. 07 11.13.jpg
What a view!

Note: A Flickr search for "d-know" yields some related results.

Next week: BERLIN

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