Green Day to Make Its Version of 'Rocky Horror'?

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Green Day's Billy Joe Armstrong is taking his dreams of a rock opera-cum-theatrical musical one step further. American Idiot the hit CD is currently being transformed into a musical at Berkeley Rep, where it will run for one month starting September 4. Already it seems Armstrong has hopes that spinoff will inspire another. As he recently told the Associated Press, "I thought American Idiot had a lot in common with something like Rocky Horror Picture Show. It would great to see a film made out of it someday too."

Spin picked up on the quote and pushed the hope that American Idiot could end up a cult classic on the silver screen, much like Rocky Horror. Just think about it: generations of teenagers to come could sneak out of their homes at midnight to sing along and throw choreographed crap at the screen in homage to a generation that elected a bonehead for president. Green Day's cool cred leaps pretty high at just the daydreaming stages of that one.

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