eMusic Raises Rates

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As of yesterday, eMusic rates went up (the basic package is now $11.99, while the Premium package is now $20.75 monthly), while the number of songs subscribers can download has decreased (from 40 to 30 for Basic; from 75 to 50 for Premium). That basically amounts to less music for more money. The reason for the change? Many are pointing fingers at eMusic's deal with Sony, a classic good news/bad news scenario.

On one hand, the addition of catalog tracks from the Sony vaults allows music fans access to songs older than two years from recognizable acts. On the other hand, it tweaks the eMusic model a bit, which had established itself as a purveyor of new, indie, and otherwise cutting-edge material not easily available everywhere. The move has been a bit controversial, although this isn't the first time eMusic has raised prices. Still, many subscribers are pissed.

Are you an eMusic subscriber? If so, we want to hear whether you think this represents added value, or just another corporate rip-off. Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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