8 Internet Memes That Just Won't Die

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The Hamster Dance
 Back when the Hamster Dance - a series of animated hamsters dancing to Roger Miller's "Whistle Stop" -  hit the Internet in 1998, few people thought it would be the first of a slew of Internet memes that bounce around our collective consciousness with little hope of escape. Here are eight more Internet memes that we can't seem to get rid of to this day...
1. LOLCats
I'll admit it. I never thought LOLCats, which first became a sensation in 2007, would last that long. Yet these images of cats in human situations accompanied by LOLCat speak (i.e. I'm in ur bed, zleeping) just won't die.

2. Rickrolling
Poor Rick Astley. The pop star probably thought his 1987 single "Never Gonna Give You Up" was ancient history until some 4chan pranksters decided to revive it in a bait-and-switch meme that involves the user clicking on a link they think takes them one place, but in reality sends them to Astley's music video of the song. One example: On April Fools Day in 2008, YouTube sent anyone who clicked on their featured vidoes to Astley's song.

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