Reactions to Michael Jackson's Death (Pt. 2) Davey-D, Prince vs. MJ

One More Star in Heaven...

More Michael Jackson remembrances and upcoming tribute parties...

Davey-D emails with an interesting take on MJ's cultural impact:

"MJ was the soundtrack of many of our lives. He was our Saturday morning cartoon hero. He was our answer to the Osmond Brothers. He was one who everyone tried to imitate, especially when he busted out with the robot when 'Dancing Machine' first dropped.  He was the one who saved the music industry when it was all but dead with Thriller. He's the one [who] made MTV a pop fixture during a time when MTV would not play videos from Black artists.. He's the one that made me stand proud when I saw the "Remember the Time" video  and he showed dark skinned Nubians as Egyptians -- reminding us that Egypt is in Africa.  He's the one who had balls enough to call Sony record executive Tommy Mottola 'devil' and a 'racist' at a press conference -funny to see Tommy Mottola on CNN praising him tonight.. the irony of that... MJ was bigger then the other MJ... because in spite of all his eccentricness, MJ always gave to charities and tried to do better for all human kind...He'll be missed."

For the past six years, David Paul and Jeff Harris have presented their legendary "Prince vs. Michael Jackson" parties, playing clubs in Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, in addition to San Francisco.

"Today is a sad day," Paul said yesterday. He made no further comment on Jackson's passing, instead referring to an official statement Harris posted on their Bomb Hip-Hop site, which reads: "When David Paul and I conceived the idea for the tribute party to Michael Jackson and Prince over six years ago, it was meant to celebrate the music of two of the biggest pop cultural icons of our generation. It was done with love and mutual respect for both artists something that I hope can be felt at each event.

Harris continues: "Michael Jackson's music has been a very important part of my life from the beginning. I owe a great debt to Michael for inspiring my passion for music. From the first Jackson 5 records my parents gave me at the age of 3, instinctively I knew what whatever I chose to do in my life it would center around music.

"At the moment as I'm writing this, I'm totally devastated, deeply saddened and really don't know what else to say or really how to feel right now. Regardless of how you felt about Michael Jackson personally, the legacy that he leaves behind as a musician and an entertainer is indelible, permanent and cannot be denied. Michael showed that you can achieve incredible things in your lifetime when you are blessed with God given talent and have the will and drive to succeed. Thank you for the wonderful music you've given us and your incredible but all too brief time on this earth. We will miss you."

Paul added that the next SF event on July 18 will be a MJ tribute celebrating the life of the King of Pop.

If you'd rather not wait that long, though, Ankh Marketing is sponsoring a Michael Jackson tribute this Saturday at 330 Ritch featuring an open Grey Goose bar until 10pm and DJs Mr. E, Ant One, and De. RSVP here for free admittance before 10 p.m. ($5 until 11 p.m.)

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