Kamala Harris Benefit Announced

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Cali's Next Top Cop? Kamala D. Harris
It takes a lot of cojones to stand up for what you think is right in the political world, especially when faced with high-level pressure.
Though she's generated controversy and made a few formidable enemies in law enforcement circles, SF DA Kamala Harris has remained firm in her opposition to the death penalty. No doubt, the lady's got balls.

She's also got ambition. A candidate for state Attorney General in 2010, she hopes to bring her "smart on crime" approach--which has resulted in a marked increase in homicide clearance rates in SF compared to her predecessor, Terrence Hallinan--to one of California's most important and visible offices. And the rumor mill is already swirling with hints that her ultimate goal is the chair currently occupied by America's first black POTUS, Barack Obama (whom she was among the first to champion).

On June 29, Harris holds a fundraiser at Maxwell's in Oakland to firm up her base in her home region (she's originally from the biggity biggity O). The cost is only $30 to get in, making the event accessible to community folk as well as political muckity-mucks. And the event features a nice array of local musical talent: Martin Luther, the Kev Choice Ensemble, Fear & Fancy, and DJ D-Sharp, as well as co-host Raphael Saadiq. Who knew Harris was so hip?

Ticket info is here  and you can follow Kamala on Facebook here.

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