I Heart Street Art: In Barcelona

ScreenHunter_29 Jun. 29 15.04.jpg

Of all the great graffiti I saw in Spain, nothing tickled me quite like this. I mean, a mashup of the logo from my favorite movie of all time and a street sign that as an American I only recognize from Lego sets? 1984 FTW! Here's a closer look:

ScreenHunter_31 Jun. 29 15.05.jpg

There's just something so much more fun about graffiti when it really makes use of the surface to which it is applied -- when the street art is just as dependent on the street part as the art part. And golly, what lies ahead but yet more '80s nostalgia:

ScreenHunter_28 Jun. 29 15.04.jpg

This would be cool enough on a garage door in San Francisco, but in Spain, where every building looks ancient, this pixelated futurific cartoon is framed by some ancient-looking stone walls. Once again, the environment plays a big part in making this piece fun to look at. But enough admiration of tired old corporate-owned icons. Something original (I think):

ScreenHunter_32 Jun. 29 15.05.jpg

Right? Wouldn't you love to see an '80s movie about this dude? Me too.

For more fun with the Ghostbusters logo, visit this and then visit this.
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