I Heart Street Art: Hood Ornament

hood ornament graffiti 1.jpg
Okay for weeks now we've been mired in controversy, looking at this vs. that and how do you reconcile zip and zap, etc. Today, we go back to just appreciating some art for what it is.

Dogpatch, down by the docks, is the place to be, for reals. One wild sight after another, from decaying remnants of a bygone shipping economy to the early signs of the gentrification of a neighborhood that was formerly nothing but warehouses. And all along the way, great graffiti.

This hood adornment is my most recent favorite. I don't know how everybody feels about panel vans and delivery trucks getting all tagged up all the time, but who wouldn't love this?

hood ornament graffiti 2.jpg
Some outlaws cruise around and clip hood ornaments off luxury automobiles. These outlaws improved the hood of a boring old truck by painting a masterpiece on it.

I mean, if I were a motor vehicle owner, I'd far prefer outlaws doing something nice to my wheels to outlaws doing something mean to my wheels.

hood ornament graffiti este.jpg

I searched Steve Rotman's Flickr stream for other instances of Este, and the results are here. Think they're one in the same?
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