Hip-Hop in the Park Keeps the Culture Alive

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"Why you trippin? I built your new casa!!"

Hip-hop, in Berkeley? Yes yes y'all. Even the threat of rain couldn't stop the 13th Annual Hip-Hop in the Park Festival from going down this past Saturday at People's Park. A core audience mainly culled from all the beats-and-rhymes heads at UC Berkeley posted up all afternoon to watch what was an amazing lineup for a free show with no corporate sponsorship. Bayonics, Bayliens, J-Boogie, Blu & Exile, and Bambu all rocked it--maybe next year the organizers will move on to groups with the letter "C" in their names--and though the precipitation held back the b-boy cipher and live graffiti painting a bit, the colorful crowd had loads of energy and enthusiasm. For older heads (ahem) who remember the days when hip-hop was primarily an organic, underground subculture, watching Webo girls freestyling, huge earrings dangling from their ears, was enough to bring tears to the eyes. As much as the younger generation gets criticized for being out of touch with cultural traditions, events like this prove that's not always the case. Best song of the day: Deuce Eclipse and J-Boogie's "Que Pasa," which sounded quite classic on the People's Park stage.

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