Joanna Newsom Sings for Fancy Panties

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Word on the street (and from my good friend who was watching TV) is that Joanna Newsom has licensed one of her songs to a Victoria's Secret commercial. Judging from the YouTube comments to the above video to "Sprout and Bean," one can surmise that this is the track being used to sell the ladies lacy panties. The reactions range from the idiotic (calling her the c-word, telling her to fuck off) to the more intelligent (one male defender remarked, "Yeah, let's be mad that an artist is getting some money for their work and making it possible for them to live. I wonder how many people mad about the commercial have actual copies of Newsom's albums."). It's hard to believe people are still getting their panties (Victoria's or not) into a bunch over licensing deals. Dudes, people know who Joanna Newsom is. They hear her music outside of exclusive cafes that charge $4 for an espresso. Let the gal make a little cash on the side for music that will probably stay in the fringe regardless of the busty Angels it soundtracks.
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