The 10 Awesomest Wardrobe Malfunctioning Celebs

(Is All My Children's Cameron Mathison wearing a thong?)

10. Cameron Mathison
The sole male representing on this list, All My Children's Mathison (who plays leading man Ryan Lavery) flashed what looks awfully similar to a thong during an episode of the soap last December. He claims it was just his shirt, but the controversy was so loud that he had to plead his case on-air to the ladies of The View. We're betting he doesn't like to tuck in his shirt these days.

9. Victoria Beckham
Posh Spice has popped out of her top on at least two continents. Girl power? Not quite.

Wikimedia Commons.
8. Naomi Campbell
Supermodel Campbell has also fared nip slips, usually on the runway where the show must go on. And on it does.

7. Beyonce
This diva truly suffers for the art of beauty. Her killer heels and corset-leotard contraptions have both led to on-stage spills and unintentional flashes, which fans and detractors alike relish reliving in slo-mo detail via YouTube.

6. Lindsay Lohan
The tabloid starlet's underwear-free spree of 2006 caught little attention until it made a stopover at the Kids' Choice Awards that year. Walt Disney is probably still rolling in his grave.
Hunter Kahn
5. Fergie
The poor Black Eyed Peas lead singer has a problem with peeing -- all over herself. Photographed at least twice with a wet crotch which she's later blamed on drinking too much before getting on stage, she should probably look into rubber pants that don't betray her little leakage problem on camera.

4. Mischa Barton
The former star of The O.C. has also had a series of nip slips. They wouldn't be so bad if they happened on debauched nights where she didn't need someone else to help her walk or get into the limo. All following a highly-publicized arrest for DUI.

3. Tara Reid
Just weeks off the operating table, Q-List actress Tara Reid displayed the results of her boob job on the red carpet of a Puff Daddy party. Looking at a freshly stitched bosom is not our idea of Taradise.

U.S. Navy Photo
2. Britney Spears
Two years ago, during Spears' apparent and protracted mental breakdown, she literally let it all hang out on several evenings of dysfunctional skirt-wearing that were all immortalized by the paps. If Paris Hilton is the one helping you make sure you don't expose yourself, you know you're in trouble.

Entertainment Weekly
1. Janet Jackson
The woman for whom the term wardrobe malfunction was seemingly created, Miss Jackson accidentally bared her breast -- and high-tech looking nipple barbell jewelry -- live on television in front of gazillions during the Super Bowl in 2004. And thus, the wardrobe malfunction as publicity stunt was born.
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