Ten Things to Do This Weekend For Under $10

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1. Surf's Up at Mollusk (Friday)
Prepare for future beach bumdum by spending Friday night at Mollusk, the surf shop that offers more than just hoodies and boards. It's run by artistically inclined folks--hence art openings and film screenings that go beyond your typical wave happy retailer fare. Tonight Mollusk hosts a party for The Present, a surf film by Thomas Campbell. The full screening goes down Saturday at the Victoria Theater (7 and 9 p.m.) but head over to the shop tonight to see Present-related artwork by over a dozen artists, as well as a live performance by the surfer/skater/artist/musician/cool dude Tommy Guerrero. Soak up beachy culture for free between 7 and 9 p.m. (ps. We also hear there's a good new soup spot nearby--at 46th and Judah--called something like Outdoor Lands?).

2. Double Trouble at Stephen Wolf Fine Arts (Friday)
Regardless of whether you were born half of a matched set, Kent and Kevin Young suggest you spend happy hour tonight thinking about twins. The brothers in art and in life have a new show up at Stephen Wolf Fine Arts with a focus on this very topic. They've manipulated images from the media (of everything from identity theft to impersonators and before/after weight loss shots) in order to examine the idea of a double identity. At this opening event, they'll encourage your participation in the old Kreskin's ESP game while you peruse their pretty pictures. (5:30-7:30 p.m., free).
3.Free Extended Happy Hour with Look Out Weekend (L.O.W.) (Friday)
What's this? Free booze (for the first hour, after that it stays real cheap), free beats from the Magnificent 7 DJs, and free Danish electronica from Oh Land? Yeah, this is one way to start the weekend right. Tonight is the relaunch of L.O.W. at Vessel from 4 until 9 p.m. More info here on the free, fun times ahead.

4. Hamburger Spirits (Friday)
The Mission's fun times photo epicenter, Hamburger Eyes, will channel many spirits this evening, from the kind its patrons shove into brown bags to the theme of its latest exhibition, "Spirit Rappings." Swing by between 6 and 9pm for work by Sarah Filley, Daniel Turner, and Michael Wells that focuses on "private rituals, mystical revelations" and other spooky stuff. Free.

5. The Life of a Pansy at ATA (Friday)
Local queercore pioneers Pansy Division give a back-stage pass to filmgoers tonight during the screening of their new doc, Pansy Division: Life in a Gay Rock Band. The movie covers 15 years of life on the road (from the small clubs to the Green Day-headlining stadiums) and in the recording studios. Icons from Jello Biafra to Rob Freakin' Halford sing Pansy's praises before the camera. $6 gets you behind the music at 8 p.m.

6. Mai Shi: Free or Low Cost (Friday)
Los Angeles spaz-punks The Mai Shi set off their excitable guitar/keyboard fireworks twice tonight. Saving cash? See them at Amoeba (in Berkeley) at 6 p.m. Or pony up a mere $8 to get behind the car wash curtain at the Hemlock for the adult show starting at 9:30 p.m.  

7. Old Timey Indie Folk From the Dark Dark Dark Ages (Saturday)
The music of Minneapolis' Dark Dark Dark hovers somewhere between the Decemberists, The Avett Brothers, and Devil Makes Three. They're quite an interesting amalgam of rootsy music over the ages, and they're performing at a space that's quite the amalgam of San Francisco interest groups. The venue hosting them tonight, the Caretakers, is a Divisadero blend of yoga studio/art gallery/mini live music space. Saturday night the Caretakers ask for $8 from you, and in return they'll give you a dramatic interpretation of the accordion as art, among other interesting instrumentation.

8. Party Paradox at Club Six (Saturday)
We're not totally sure what to make of the Paradox of the Sets event at Club Six since there isn't a whole lotta info. But a thing or two we do know: any art show that includes Hamburger Eyes' Ray Potes (see Friday) among its two dozen artists on display --and any funk/soul night that involves the Sweater Funk DJs--is probably gonna be worth that $5 to get in. Party kicks off at 9 p.m.

9. Disco at Deco (Saturday)
As Tamara Palmer writes, the new dance party "Go Bang" aims to unite gay and straight lovers of disco (of the Italian, American, and otherwise ethnically sexy kind) under one roof. Tonight christens the kick-off at Deco, where DJs from the clubs (Underground SF, Li Po, Triple Crown) to KALX get the Tenderloin boogie going strong. (10 p.m., $5)

10. Audio Whopass at the Casanova (Saturday)
Yeah, the Casanova can be a real bridge 'n' tunnel meat market on the weekends. But when  Sasquatch Borracho's on the decks, the squares get stomped by the giants of rock at Bronson. Saturday's the night for oldies/goodies like Thin Lizzy, REO Speedealer, and the like. Borracho's motto? "No ballads, power or otherwise." (Free)
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