SFEC Commissioner Is the Landlord of a "Problem" Club

In yesterday's follow-up  to Tuesday's story in the Chron on proposed new legislation aimed at regulating problem clubs, writer C.W. Nevius drops quite a bombshell: Terrance Alan, a member of the SF Entertainment Commission, is also the landlord of Pink Diamonds, a Tenderloin strip club which has been designated a public nuisance by the City Attorney's office.

Let's consider the irony, shall we? The SFEC wants more power to enforce suspensions on "problem" clubs. If their request is approved, Alan could be put in the uncomfortable position of deciding whether to impose fines, sanctions, or suspensions on his own property, which has had several shootings outside its premises in recent months.

But here's the rub: if the club is such bad news, why hasn't the SFEC already imposed a 30-day suspension--which it has the power to do under current regulations--against Pink Diamonds?  Which makes one wonder if the fact that the club's landlord is an an Entertainment Commissioner the reason why the club (which does not serve alcohol) has remained open, despite the violence and noise it apparently attracts. Which also makes one wonder why new laws are needed, if the old ones aren't being enforced to the fullest? Which also raises the issue of how any club which appears to be a gunfire magnet can stay open despite being on the radar of city officials and the SFPD. This might seem like an obvious point, but were Pink Diamonds a hip-hop club with the same set of problems surrounding it, it probably would have been shut down long ago. But the club, which features all-nude male strippers, attracts a predominantly female and gay male clientele, not the hoodies-and-bling crowd. It's also located in a high-crime area, so there may be some credence to claims that the problems are not entirely the club's fault. However, in its previous incarnation as club Vixen, no less than seven shootings occurred outside the club in 2007 alone. As Central City Extra wrote back in November 2008, "the cops see 220 Jones as a trouble spot that changes only in name."

Has Pink Diamonds changed? Apparently, not much. Several of the club's Yelp reviews note "rude" security guards, and as one reviewer related, "It was really crowded and disorganized. I was afraid I was going to be stampeded. Their (sic) were cops across the street as if they were waiting for something to happen. Apparently this was formerly club Vixen where someone was shot and the place had to close and later opened under a different name. I didn't feel safe at all. I've been to several go-go spots, but nothing like this."

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