10 Things To Do This Weekend For Under $10

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Oh it may have looked like summer yesterday, but tomorrow it's supposed to rain. So those plans of bonfires at the beach may have to wait until the real summer comes along. In the meantime, there's plenty of cheap stuff to do indoors this weekend. Take a look at our top ten.

1. Frankenstein L.I.V.S., Dead Ringers at Li Po (Friday)
The Dead Ringers worship the Dead Boys' cheap hooks. Frankenstein L.I.V.S. revels in song titles telling you to fuck off. Punk rock bands at a punk rock price (free) in a punk rock setting (if you don't sweat during this show, the ceiling at Li Po is always willing to do the dripping for you). Any excuse to hang in this Chinatown dive's basement is a good one, no? Party starts at 9 p.m.

2. '60s Pop at the Paradise Lounge (Friday)
So the last time we hit this oldies party? Total blast--from the past, and otherwise. Of course we're too young to have danced to '60s French pop, garage, R&B, doo-wop, girl groups, and freakbeat the first time around. But this excellent club night delivers history to the future: picture two floors full of kids dressed in their vintage best, few wallflowers among them. Fourteen DJs (including the local garage rock icon Rusell Quan) take care of the tunes. You just need to bring the $7 entry fee starting at 9 p.m. (Get there before 11 p.m. and you pay only $3 for well drinks). (See also: Saturday Night Soul Party tomorrow at Elbo Room. Dress to impress and you pay only $5 to get in. Get lazy and you're out $10, pal).
3. Snuggie Pub Crawl (Friday)
If you already own one of them blankets with arm holes, just bring enough cash to keep your insides toasty at all the bars you'll be hitting.

4. The Hot Boxxx Girls at Aunt Charlies  (Friday and Saturday)
When was the last time you saw San Francisco's stately ladies of drag, The Hot Boxxx Girls? In our case, it's been long enough that we didn't realize they now suggest making a reservation before you go. Makes sense, though, since the bar is the size of Imelda's first closet--big enough for these women to shine, but small enough that you're gonna have to hold that potty break until the entertainer is off the "stage." Five bucks gets you in, but save all those ones to generously tip the performers. Don't worry, the drinks here are stiff--a little goes a long way. Show starts at 10 p.m.

5. (Indian) Dinner & a (Bollywood) Movie (Nightly)
We've never actually eaten at Tikka Masala's Upper Haight enclave of Indian and Pakistani food, but we do remember a deal when we walk by the sign every day. Most of the menu items are under $10, but the real reason we're talking about the place here is because they screen free Bollywood videos in the back of the joint. It's like Foreign Cinema...on a steep budget.

6. Live Samba at Bollyhood Cafe (Friday)
Not to be confused with Bollywood, our next suggestion is Bollyhood, the cozy bar/eatery on 19th and Mission. Tonight they play host to a live samba session with DJs and the Samba Dancers starting at 10 p.m., $5.

7. Artist Jim Barsness Interprets
Kerouac at Catherine Clark Gallery (Saturday)
Saturday's the big opening event for Athens artist Jim Barsness, who titled his latest series of paintings "Dharma Bums" after the famous Jack Kerouac novel. The paintings, which apparently look at tension in sex and death, are part of an exhibition that also includes work by Mississippi artist Philip Knoll and  Estonian multi-media artist Marko Maetamm.
Expose yourself to art for free on Saturday from 4-6 p.m.

8. My Second Surprise at Edinburgh Castle (Saturday)
How about this deal: spend $5 at the door and not only can you hear orchestral indie pop band My Second Surprise, but you'll also get a copy of their new CD, Time To Move On. Order up a batch of fish and chips and you've got dinner, a show, and a memento for under a ten-spot. Things get going at 8 p.m.

9. From Soul to Disco with Vinnie Esparza at Amnesia (Saturday)
Pay the $5 entry fee and you'll have access to Vinnie's favorite '80s, soul, hip-hop, and disco joints. Tonight he spins with perhaps the loveliest named DJ in town, Asti Spumante. Delicious.

10. Electro, Techno, Glam at DNA (Saturday)
Super Ego, a local promoter mixing fashion shows with dance parties, hosts its final DNA shebang with Sarah Delush, among others, at the DNA on Saturday. Get down to techno, electro, disco, indie-o, and crunk-o for free if you can drag yourself through the door before 10 p.m. Get there late and the price jumps up to $10.

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