Zombie Prom, Wicked, and the Seven Deadly Sins: Your Monday Morning Hangover

Happy Monday, folks. Here's what you may or may not have missed over the weekend:

On Friday night, Mike and Jen Cash braved Zombie Prom at the DNA Lounge. Here's what our photo team had to say about the evening:
Mike: Well, at least the Prom Queen looked great in RED...
Jen: I don't remember having so much to EAT at my prom...
Sounds like everyone had a brain-tastic time. See the Cash photo set here.

Also on Friday: ASD's newest photographer, Hanna Quevedo, indulged in the Seven Deadly Sins (as illustrated by seven fashion designers, seven culinary artists, and seven visual artists) at Space Gallery. See her photos here.

Friday was also opening night for Wicked, and the Orpheum Theatre was packed to the gills with giddy Broadway enthusiasts. Teal Wicks and Kendra Kassebaum were brilliant in the lead roles of Elphaba and Glinda, and cast, costumes and score conspired to bring the blockbuster to life. Yours truly was in attendance and if I had the dough, I'd go see it again; full report to follow.

Thumbnail image for sf treasure hunt and groundation 078.jpg
On Saturday, Eric Arnold joined other locals and a couple of tourists for the Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt, a creation of private detective Jayson Wechter:
Held annually, on the day of the Chinese New Year's Day Parade, it's billed as a treasure hunt, but it's really a great way to enrich your knowledge of San Francisco. The set-up is simple: You traipse through Chinatown, North Beach, and Union Square with a map and a series of cryptic clues directing you to, as the event's PR puts it, "obscure landmarks, architectural delights, and vestiges of San Francisco's colorful past."
Read the rest here.

Also see: Photos of the Chinese New Year's Parade by photographer Tim Wagner.

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